Rec2Rec Recruitment – The specialization within the specialization

Direct Search – Headhunting for Temporary Employment Agencies and Personnel Service Providers as Core Competence

Direct search (headhunting) is the core of our business model. Although we use all available channels and methods of candidate approach, it is our claim to manufacture that makes us truly successful. We handle projects in a sophisticated combination of digital and analog. This is how we achieve 100% success.

Target company definition Research / Ident On-the-job approach with the inclusion of a client-specific “selling story” Candidate support and retention (candidate lifecycle)

We guarantee a project depth that results in a far above average placement rate and very low failure rates during the probationary period (<5%).

Put us to the test!

Your advantages: More turnover and profit, minimization of internal fluctuation and permanent cost reduction for personnel recruitment.

With just a single click / call, we will give you access to the ultimate network.

What does Recruitment-to-Recruitment mean?

Recruitment-to-Recruitment - short: Rec2Rec - is an innovative business model. Specialized recruitment for personnel service providers and temporary employment agencies is a real niche.

In essence, it is about the acquisition of internal employees, specialists & executives for the personnel services industry (temporary employment agencies, recruitment agencies, personnel consultants, executive search providers, contracting service providers).

Why do staffing companies need other staffing companies?

The answer to this question is: "Core competence!" A Rec2Rec service provider has their expertise and network in the temporary staffing and HR services industry. He is able to put his "know-who" and "know-how" to work for the client.

Why TEKATH Headhunting as Rec2Rec partner?

Since its founding in 2009, TEKATH Headhunting has focused exclusively on the industries of personnel services and personnel consulting. With over 100 placements per year and a strong team of diverse minds, we offer Rec2Rec recruitment at the highest level. We work with leading service providers as a helping hand in the candidate market. The candidates themselves have been placing their trust in us for many years, not as a short-term oriented intermediary, but as a strategically oriented career companion.

Bringing the right partners together!

Recruitment to Recruitment – This is the practice

At Rec2Rec, placement quality is our absolute priority.

We do NOT waste your time by presenting you with unsuitable candidates.

We match the right personality with the right position and company.

Over 25 years of experience in candidate screening, background assessment & motivation.

Our consultants consistently have their finger on the pulse of the market and know the internal needs of companies.

Your advantage? High quality, talented candidates that fit your internal requirement profile!

Expect transparency, conscientiousness and diligence from us.

Benefit from our market knowledge and nationwide reach.

The use of state-of-the-art recruiting tools ensures that you achieve your recruiting goals.

Salary report 2023

How much do internal employees earn in temporary stuffing companies?
With this survey, we have closed the knowledge gap.

Internal jobs in the temporary staffing sector – Our expertise

  • Staffing of internal management, staff functions up to executive/board level
  • Recruiting of dispatchers and branch/office managers
  • Recruitment of consultants specialized in specific industries or functions
  • Recruiting of regional managers, expansion specialists for medium-sized and large temporary employment agencies
  • Recruiting of sales specialists (sales managers, key account managers, account managers, trainers)
  • Accompaniment of market entries of foreign companies into the German market
  • Search for company successors for owner-managed personnel service providers or personnel consultants
  • Discreet search for successors

Headhunting-Manufacture in Recruitment-to-Recruitment

Rec2Rec Headhunting: Bringing the right partners together discreetly

We see ourselves as a headhunting manufactory in recruitment-to-recruitment. Our specialized consultants search for personalities for the personnel service. Recruitment to Recruitment – Rec2Rec is a true niche specialty! This focus allows us to achieve superior results by channeling our resources to very specific skill sets. We maintain long-standing relationships with our clients and candidates. Often, these are the same candidates who are placed again throughout their careers. They value our service, efforts and expertise.

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Dirk Tekath Founder